Wyscout: How to Revolutionise Scouting with Rich Video Data

Wyscout enables everyone in the football ecosystem to discover new talents, analyse team or player performances or learn about statistics using thousands of games, from any device, at any time. [Sponsored]

Everyone, from the common football fan to the envious manager, is in awe when a new extraordinary talent arrives on the scene and convinces people of the old words: “If they’re good enough, they’re old enough”. Vinicius Jr. has set the world alight in a rather dismal season for Real Madrid, while Ajax’ captain Matthijs de Ligt, only 19 years old, has become the most sought-after defender in world football. But how do you recognise talent in a digitised world, where you can access hundreds of games or get insights from video footage? How do you find players, analyse performances carefully targeted and organise this analysis of rich insights from various perspectives? Wyscout offers professionals like agents, coaches, players, scouts or even journalists and referees the chance to make data-driven decisions from their mobile device or desktop, because they don’t just offer an enormous amount of stats, player profiles, video footage data or targeting options, but also a platform with constant updates that can be a starting point for any organisation, even betting companies or national teams.

Top clubs around the world are banking on Wyscout

It’s always testament to a solution or services, if they’re adopted by reknown leaders of the industry. That’s the case with Wyscout as clubs like Juventus Turin, Borussia Dortmund, the FC Porto or Real Madrid as well as Ajax Amsterdam, LA Galaxy, Tottenham Hotspur or Boca Juniors and even Guangzhou Evergrande trust their diversified offers.

Wyscout, selected by top clubs across the globe, © Wyscout

The big range of clubs from Germany to China or Argentina already underlines the international relevance and reputation of Wyscout’s services and solutions. But what exactly does the company have to offer? First of all, they give you a great opportunity to access video data, players’ performance data and numerous further insights digitally, but in an organised manner. That’s what their platform is there for. What’s even more remarkable, though, is that this access isn’t reserved to single parties in the football ecosystem or to a certain occupational group. Wyscout collects and edits data from football matches around the world for everyone, from the small team’s scout in League Two to the proven players’ agent or the data-interested manager. And if you do need up to date data in order to create new offers for your betting company or compile a list of promising talent as a journalist, you can trust Wyscout, too. They possess the widest football video archive in the world with over 2.000 new videos from games being uploaded every week. These videos are segmented into 2.000 easy to find and tagged video clips then.

Wyscout does analyse over 250 competitions a week, from the big leagues to harder to access youth competitions.

football video
Various opportunities to get data from any game, click to enlarge, © Wyscout

Great possibilities, by numbers and easily explained

To visualise the very many-faceted opportunities that are connected to Wyscout’s solutions, there are a lot of numbers to take into account. For instance, Wyscout generates video footage from 124 countries, and gets videos with data from 52 countries, while they cover 599 global competitions with 214 of those providing data and video coverage. Even more impressivly, they have 42.969 teams and counting on their platform with 460.036 player profiles on offer. More than 200.000 full matches with video analysis are on hand and around 1.800 are added each week.

The amount of video footage and football data in this specific context seems second to none. Yet, numbers alone are hard to digest. So, here’s a simple example of how to use such data. If you wondered who was the most efficient freekick taker in Europe’s top five leagues, Wyscout has an elaborated answer for journalists, but maybe scouts or agents as well.

And if you think that it’s more important to find players related to certain parameters, you can do so with Wyscout’s platform, too. For example, if you’re on the lookout for U21 goalkeepers from Europe’s top five leagues with a great save percentage.

These might be simple examples, but Wyscout’s solutions can be more complex. You can not only create custom playlists from the video footage available and share them, even with football players themselves, who can analyse their own performance like that. You’re also able to download all these clips and use them for customised analysis practices.

Additionally, you can use the advanced search, as shown with the goalkeeper example, and analyse or compare certain players, giving you the chance to unearth the next gem due to tangible data.

Compare players you have found, click to enlarge, © Wyscout

The specifically created Talent Center unifies data for thousands of up-and-coming promising youg players. And, of course, it’s possible to customise your own player lists in order to maybe set up a transfer list or a list for your scout to keep an eye on. Such oragnised data can also be a great addition for managers of national teams and under age national team groups. The Wyscout professional reports offer you all the relevant data in a way that’s visually easy to classify.

Get an overview full of insights for any interesting player, click to enlarge, © Wyscout

The different usage scenarios for Wyscout’s platform are demonstrated in a video, which in cooperation with Tifo Football explains the functions.

Wyscout’s for everyone – and everywhere

Since it’s extremely important for digital solution providers to focus the mobile accessibilty, Wyscout were well advised to offer their own services via app.

Thanks to that, managers or scouts, journalists or agents can check on players, stats or specific aspects of any game on the go. Which is increasingly important in an industry that’s very much a moving one, on different levels. Wyscout can help football players optimise their game, is an option for scouts in order to find the best possible talent available due to data-driven decisions and provides so much information for so many occupations. Thus, it’s fair to say that Wyscout does not only merge the digital and the lifelike football worlds for any possible user in a rather democratic way, but is a modern analysis platform that makes a deeper understanding of football possible.

The diversified users can choose from different packages and products as they use Wyscout to up their game, from whatever perspective.

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