How More Data is Getting Fans Involved and Enhancing Club Performances

Ever since digitasation got going, data is the most important currency. For the DFL, ManUnited, publishers etc. it not only helps keeping fans engaged.

When you’re watching football, the presentation of match data like possession, shots on target and what have you doesn’t occur odd. Yet, as fans experience football in a much more digital way these days, with a mobile device seemingly always on hand, additional information are what keeps people engaged. That’s why the DFL is getting Sportec Solutions on board to provide much more detailed insights while the Manchester United app offers supporters a view at edited stats, which is completely unprecedented. And let’s not forget Opta, a service that always comes up with something to surprise fans. But sometimes, these data don’t just help those supporters.

Data storytelling is a way to reach the people

Sports data are extremely valuable to many a group. For the clubs, coaches and managers will likely be able to benefit from profound information concerning their performances. Especially, since some data might help predict future performances or explain tactical strokes in a game. Apart from the professional players and coaching staff, even commentators bank on data to give listening supporters more insights and understand the game better themselves with updates coming in every minute. Therefore, their jobs are enhanced, which again means that the fans get extra information from them, too.

This importance of match data is one reason why the DFL has cooperated with Sportec Solutions since the start of the 2017/18 season in the Bundesliga. The company collects, stores and delivers official match data. 100 freelance operatores work for Sportec Solutions and have produced over 70 days and 4.45 terabytes of video material already. Because the more data you have, the better the opportunities to compare. Giampiero Rinaudo is co-founder and CEO of deltatre, a global leader in the field of sports data technology, as well as a joint venture partner with the DFL in Sportec Solutions. He says:

As data storytelling and data analytics become increasingly relevant in sport, it is important that a leading sporting body such as the DFL develops these tools in-house while advancing further development and global marketing alongside strong partners.

Part of the collaboration of the DFL and Sportec Solutions is the Commentary Live System for broadcasting.

Live stats for commentary in the Bundesliga, © DFL

Furthermore, Sportec Solutions also offers viewers information when it comes to the use of the video assistant as text updates on the screens explain what is going on in terms of reviewing.

Right now, the data is compiled with the help of a semi-automatic image recognition system. And all these technically gathered data could offer wholly new experiences soon. Such as the virtual recreation of match scenes on a screen or an innovative approach in predicting a player’s future performance based on various match data. Eventually, even an explanation of a game via “Robo texts“ can be achieved without human input as algorithms and software evaluate match data to compile a report. That, though, might well lack the proven contribution of a knowing football fan.

Manchester United app shows player influence based on data

The English record champions always look for ways to keep their huge fan base engaged via various media. Therefore, they’ve integrated a completely new way to experience match data inside their official club app. For example, it not only shows how many shots, passes or chances a team has had, but also manages to determine which team has the momentum – and it notices changes there, too, even inside five minutes.

The data is utilised to show momentum in the game, © Manchester United

This innovative way to use data for another perspective reagarding a match is unique, since it was exclusively tailored for the Manchester United app. No other football club app offers these opportunities. And the fans will probably like the way they can understand performance data. Because the most influential players are also identified, be it in a head to head screen –which also shows “Best Mates”, players who pass to each other most often – …

A look at the head to head screen inside the app, © Manchester United

… or considering every performance metric.

A look at the player influence gives supporters even more insights, © Manchester United

The data shows information about United’s and the opposition’s players. In the miraculous win against PSG in Paris last week, there were a few players on both sides who had quite some influence.

These players were most influential in the game against PSG, © Manchester United

Not surprisingly, due to his two match-defining goals, Romelu Lukaku got an 98 per cent influence voting in the app.

Lukaku has been the most influential player in Paris, © Manchester United

You could argue, though, that Kimpembe, Buffon or Kehrer had a lot of influence, too. Not that any PSG fan would want to be reminded. Even after games United fans can have a look at the statistics in the app an swipe through them like a story in Social Media. Thus, this data driven experience really is something new and keeps fans engaged in their app. Other clubs, leagues etc. should consider utilising the data they can gather more media-effective as well. For it certainly appeals to the fans.

Data tweets are a good way to accentuate games

It’s no surprise that publishers take advantage of tweets to underline the importance, absurdity or developments of games or player performances.

The Daily Mail uses tweets to strengthen it’s live ticker, screenshot Daily Mails Football

And the fans want those statistics. Squawka has nearly 900.000 followers on Twitter, Opta Joe even counts 1,12 million. They always have some history in the locker:

Or stats, that should make managers rethink their next starting line-up.

The fans love these statistics and data as a supplementary treat anyway – and that is just the reason every club or football association should merge their very own brand with fitting, exciting, sometimes provocative data.

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