Spurs Revel in Opening of Their Stadium for the Ages

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has been officially opened. While Spurs will play their first game there soon, fans are already fascinated by a place to kick off a new era. One of success, they hope.

Here it is. After so long, Tottenham will finally be home again in their very own stadium. Their U18s kicked off the first competitive match in bright sunlight, scored three and the A team will hope to replicate such a performance next Wednesday, when they play their first ever match, a London derby against Crystal Palace, in the scintillating, formidable arena.

To Dare Is To Do,

that’s the motto emblazoned on the walls of the stadium, which is so much more than just a football ground. While the Totteham fans are full of anticipation, they hope that they’re on the cusp of experiencing another step for their beloved club; with trophies following soon. In terms of marketing, revenue potential and sheer appeal, the Spurs have already got the world looking at them. Something they’d surely like to continue.


Wembley wasn’t so bad, but …

It’s fair to say that Tottenham, a team so strongly associated to their old ground White Hart Lane, have been far from underperforming at the temporarily home Wembley. That very venerable stadium, although rebuilt too, is one of the most impressive ones in the world, let alone England. And it sure has seen some world-class performances from Harry Kane, Dele Alli Christian Eriksen and all those players that have blossomed under the guidance of Mauricio Pochettino. For they’ve defeated Chelsea twice there this season and have recently dispatched a promising Borussia Dortmund with three goals to nil in the Champions League proper.

Additionally, Tottenham have established themselves as a Champions League team and are getting closer to the latter stages of cup competitions as well. A trophy has eluded them for too long, though. Therefore, they hope the new stadium will give them the boost they need to thrive even more, with silverware at the end of the road.

Where are Spurs going with their new stadium?

On one hand, silverware is what great teams are measured by. José Mourinho may be past his best, but his assumption that titles make teams and subsequently managers, and players, for eternity is not a long shot. On the other hand, the club and brand Tottenham Hotspur certainly have more existential goals. For they are longing for additional awareness around the globe, new supporters and in a financial way, too. Revenue is as important as fans’ data and digital affection these days.

Those are reasons, why the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which will host NFL games as well, is a modern money-making machine, made for the football experience that merges 21st century entertainment demands and more traditional sports experiences. Yes, you can still have your pint, only it might be served at the longest bar in the UK with 87 metres. Tottenham fan Chris Cowlin had a look. An own brewery exists as well.

And for sure, you’re invited to check out the club store to get dressed or get your hands to the latest Spurs merch. The club’s financial ambitions show, if you consider it is the biggest fanshop of any Premier League club.

Not only Burger King knows that bigger is better sometimes, so Tottenham have also created the biggest single tier stand at the south end of the stadium. It acommodates roughly 17.599 fans who are very close to the pitch. Spurs are hoping to recreate an atmosphere like at Dortmund’s Signal Iduna Park, where the famed Yellow Wall can suck the ball in for their team.

The capacity of 61.559 will also make the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium the biggest club arena in London. Two pitches are interchangeable, one of real grass, one artificial – and it only takes 25 minutes. That’s great news if you plan to rent out your football ground for other lucrative events. While the pricing is indeed demanding, starting at about 800 pounds for the cheapest season ticket, visitors will have so many things to discover. As we had reported last year, there’s a Sky Walk to give attendants the opportunity to climb the outer stadium wall. There are cafés, conference and banquet rooms, the whole venue is open for 365 days a year.

We are creating, what we believe, will be the finest stadium anywhere in the world for spectators, visitors and the wider community, delivering a major new landmark for Tottenham and London.

said Tottenhams website at the time. Even for those who are tied to their smart devices or simply love the most modern technology, there are great features. Together with partner Hewlett Packard, Tottenham have created several highlights. Mobile ticketing for easier access, cashless paymens, WiFi everywhere aren’t that special, yet nice to have. Apart from that, beacons mean the way to the next pie, shop or your seat is easy to find within the app, push notifications offer fans personalised interactions as customised communication becomes more relevant for the experience – which will also mean more matchday income, for sure.

The first test has fans fascinated

Some feared that Tottenham could lose a bit of their identity with this new stadium, and that they could be about to alienate their die hard fans for more celebrity audiences. Yet, the first game in the arena, a victorious match for the Tottenham U18s, saw nearly 30.000 fans arrive. To say they were pleased would be an understatement. Right now, with the first real Premier League encounter beckoning, all is well, one can assume.

Especially youngster J’Neil Lloyd Bennett won’t forget the occasion, since he scored the first ever goal at the stadium.

Spurs’ new home will need some time before it can be mentioned in the same breath as Old Trafford, Anfield or even White Hart Lane. For it will need experiences, wins, defeats, great goals, drama, tears, ecstasy and passion. The stage is certainly set.

Tottenham even have integrated a lot of club folklore in the venue, naming a restaurant the White Hart or acknowledging their 200 official supporters clubs on the walls.

We are nearly crying because our dream became true,

said Pochettino at the test opening, a man who epitomises the promising Spurs course right now so significantly.

Mauricio Pochettino speaking at Spurs’ new home, © Tottenham Hotspur

Not all fans are quite convinced yet. Pochettino and his team have work to do, as have chairman Daniel Levy and the club. But once the grand opening against Crytal Palace on April 3rd gets underway – which will be a very pricey game incidentally –, Tottenham Hotspur’s journey to a new and forward-looking existence as a club of international standing, with a home every club could be proud of, starts for real.


There are no guarantees, but there seldom are in football and business alike. To dare is to do – and Spurs have entered the land of the brave. It could turn out to be a defining moment in the whole sports industry.

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