MLS Launch New App for Personalised Highlights, Merch and Even Ticketing

The MLS’s new app will be customised in team colours and offer individual feeds and alerts as well as highlights, ticketing, merch and fantasy football.

The MLS seasons just started this weekend. And to keep the growing fanbase engaged, the organisation has provided fans with a quite impressive all-in-one app. The official MLS app got a 2019 update which not only encourages supporters to “Live Your Colors“, but also enables them to manage diverse football content and adminstrative functions regarding the game in a single app. Thus, they can choose their favourite team, buy tickets, watch instant highlights or make last-minute changes to their fantasy team. The personalised entry makes the app valuable to them – and the MLS eventually.

The MLS’s popularity is on the rise

In the United States, there’s a growing interest in football (and no, not American Football). The MLS is gaining more viewers and certainly more engagement in Social Media.

Getting players like Wayne Rooney or Zlatan to play in the US league will have helped growing awareness; but the teams themselves are constantly getting better at promoting themselves as something different not only to the widely beloved US sports such as baseball or basketball, but also a bit different to European football. For the franchise of Atlanta United, for example, is merging traditional football values with updated marketing strategies. Therefore, they’ve created a whole new experience for fans.

Yet, as attendances go up in the MLS, TV viewers seem to vanish still. And that might be a consequence of a shift in the perception of events. People are using their mobile devices to get the latest information or even to watch games. According to Engadget, the MLS has 70 per cent of its digital content perceived via mobile. That’s why an app is indispensable for football clubs, leagues and so forth these days. Hence, the MLS has updated its own app and come up with a great experience for fans. For they can choose their favourite team fist, which will customise the whole interface in the respective team colours. Furthermore, this choice will give fans quick access to everything happening cocerning their club.

A view into the app, the “Latest“ section, screenshot

But supporters can still get comprehensive information about all the events in the MLS. They can follow other clubs and players as well as popular series or columnists to personalise their own feed and their alerts – just like in proven Social Media.

The new MLS app offers fans a lot of choices, © MLS

Fans can also access quite a lot of detailed statistics and don’t have to leave the app to really get all the insights in relation to the Major League Soccer and its developments.

A view into the app, player statistics, screenshot

The app is about monetising and marketing as well

What makes the MLS app so special is its holistic approach. Because fans can not merely check results, see highlights or get the latest transfer – or draft – updates, but rather manage their very own supporter experience. They can book themselves tickets for the next match they’re attending via Ticketmaster or SeatGeek inside the mobile product. Aditionally, they’re able to buy merchandise from the various clubs directly from the very app.

The MLS app offers clubs the chance to monetise, © MLS

As a result, the app is quite a good alternative for any MLS club to monetise fan engagement. And that engagement might grow further since the popular MLS Fantasy is an integral part of the new experience.

The improved version of the app offers a lot for fans and might turn out to be a valuable asset for clubs and the league itself. For it surely shows that the MLS is utilising its nous in terms of media and technology.

Fanst and interested sports enthusiasts can get the app in the Play Store, Apple’s App Store or will get a download link once they’ve entered their mobile number at the MLS app’s homepage. “Evolved“ says the slogan in the YouTube trailer regarding the app. This might be a promise, that the MLS is evolving further in 2019. There’s certainly a lot of potential off the field, let alone on it.

So we will welcome the new MLS season with so much opportunities to keep informed on our smartphones.

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