Coppa Italia Attendees Can Parallel-Watch the Game on their Phones from Various Angles

Second screening is quite common these days, but watching a game live in the stadium and simultaneously monitoring proceedings through altered perspectives in the app is indeed a whole new experience for fans. Infront’s new Fan+ service enables supporters to do just that and experience and relive the action from the Coppa Italia at the Stadio Olimpico and on their connected mobile devices at the same time. A few clubs from the Serie A had already successfully tested this intriguing opportunity.

The dawn of widespread in-stadium streaming?

They’ve had it in Serie A with Genoa, Sampdoria and Udinese offering their fans an in-app experience inside the stadium, that enables them to watch the live action – they’re actually there for – on their mobile devices and in various angles. Futhermore, autographs from favourite players can be snatched, other video highlights, news or statistics concerning the game can be accessed. The Infront Fan+ app debuted in December, when Sampdoria Genoa met Bologna. From then on, fans could also order food and drinks from their seats via the app and collect it, when it’s ready.

With 16 different angles including a spiderweb cam, fans can become directors while watching the game live as well. Thereby, the second screening moment known from home is transferred to the stadium.

This particular app experience will now be available for the Italian cup final on May 15th, the Coppa Italia. Contested in Rome’s Stadio Olimpico, Atalanta Bergamo will meet Lazio Rome in a final without the biggest names of Italian football. Although Lazio did win the cup six years ago and ten years back as well.

As SportsPro Media report, the Fan+ app will work for that special game. The Lega Serie A chief executive, Luigi De Siervo, commented:

We are excited about the launch of the new app dedicated to the final because it will allow all the fans present at the stadium to live an exclusive and personalised experience. Mobile applications are now increasingly common in everyday life, the real challenge is to be able to provide all enthusiasts with an engaging service that can improve the fan experience.

The improvement of the fan experience is clear to see, when you look at what the app offers, providing supporters with data and insights regarding the pitch-side action straight away.

We are pleased to have concluded this partnership with Lega Serie A for the TIM Cup Final, because it represents an important step in the continuous research and creation of services that improve interaction with the fans at the stadium. We have already successfully launched the Fan+ model with Genoa, Sampdoria and Udinese, and I am sure that this solution can lead Infront to strengthen its role as digital partner of clubs, leagues and federations,

adds Jean Thomas Sauerwein, managing director of Infront Italy.

So, attendees of the cup final in Italy have now got the big chance to put that Fan+ app to the acid test. If it proves successful over time, it will surely be rolled out or made available for many other clubs or competitions, too. For the ability to rerun just seen – or maybe missed – parts of the game is a welcome asset for the digitally engaged or tech-savvy fans. Is it strange, that the supporters in the stadium could have their attention split between the pitch and their mobile devices? Oh yes; but probably that is the case more often now anyway. Digital enhancements don’t stop at the stadium’s entry gates. That’s why Fan+ is only the start of a more disruptive, half digital half real life local football experience. Let’s see how it works at the Coppa Italia – and what is to follow.

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