Bundesliga And WSC Sports Partner to Create Customised Content for Fans Abroad

As the first European football league, the Bundesliga will work with AI platform WSC Sports to generate extremely specific highlight clips in real-time.

WSC Sports’ AI technology is able to create intriguing match highlights automatically, in real-time and with reference to specific players. That option makes the service quite interesting for the digital internationalisation strategies of clubs and leagues. The MLB or the MLS are already using it, now the German Bundesliga will take advantage of the opportunities to further strengthen their presence in foreign markets – which will be more important with every seasons passing by.

WSC Sports’ solutions are made for Social Media

Since clubs and Leagues are brands these days, they have to discover new markets abroad and give fans around the world the chance to get experience games or content as easily as possible. Social Media have the advantages of being platforms that are designed for broad distribution and direct contact between players, clubs, leagues and the fans. Twitter is especially useful for updates to the minute. That’s why the FA use the platform to distribute short highlight clips to fans outside the UK, even during the game.

Fans don’t just need the availability of games, they want behind-the-scenes material, updates in the blink of an eye – particularly during the transfer windows – and certainly like customised content. The Bundesliga hold close ties with China for example, hoping to grow a fan base there. So the fans from China would probably be delighted if they got content compilations of Chinese or Asian players. As there are no Chinese players regularly playing in the Bundesliga right now, interest from Asia could circle around South Korean Stars such as Ja-cheol Koo from Augsburg or Hee-chan Hwang, playing for the HSV in the second German tier (2. Bundesliga).

Ja-cheol Koo has been in the Bundesliga for some time, © FC Augsburg

US fans however could be more interested in Christian Pulisic’s performances, although he is going to leave for Chelsea in the summer. English fans might be allured to follow the progress of prodigies such as Jadon Sancho and Reiss Nelson. So, the Bundesliga will try to reach fans everywhere in the word. The Israeli company WSC Sports will help them from now on, it was confirmed by both parties.

Data gets analysed, specific clips are created promptly

The AI platform from WSC sports offers real-time analysis to recognise important plays and then creates highlight clips for those, which can also be customised. Galit Shiri, WSC’s marketing manager, told us:

WSC Sports’ platform generates personalised sports videos for every digital platform and every sports fan – automatically and in real-time. Currently being used by leading media rights owners such as Turner Sports, NBA, MLS, FIBA, PGA Tour and others, WSC Sports’ platform utilizes advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies to analyse live sports broadcasts, identify each and every event that occurs in the game, create customised short-form video content and publish to any digital destination. This enables partners to instantly generate and distribute professionally edited personalised clips and videos on a large scale, to engage audiences and maximise video monetisation opportunities.

If a certain audience shall be reached, a content director could set the AI platform up to create clips for certain players or certain teams. The AI is able to curate analysed content from live matches and produce valuable video content for further distribution instantaneously. That means content teams can generate various different clips and content pieces without spending too much time on it. Intros, outros, overlays or graphics could still be integrated to potentially emphasise a performance or put it into perspective. All that is interesting to those fans on Social Media, if it is provided in the context of a game or matchday.

Take Sancho as an example, WSC Sports’ technology will use an algorithm to check on the audio feed from matches and whenever Sancho gets mentioned, there will be content taken into consideration. If it’s from a noticeable scene, it might end up in the curated content. For the Bundesliga, media partner will have access to highlight packages after they’ve been curated by an editor.

An editor […] examines each highlights package at the start of the week before media partners can access the clips – created in-house by DFL subsidiary DFL Digital Sports – via the Bundesliga’s B2B-Portal. In the near future, potentially interested licensees will have the chance to gain direct access to the system and establish their own localised clip guidelines.

The machine learning skills from WSC Sports are that mature, even Digiday honoured them as Best Use of AI, while SportTecchie named them winners for their award for Outstanding Sports Technology.

The Europa League and Champions League will see highlight clips created via WSC Sports’ technology on behalf of their partner Bleacher Report who are official streaming partners for the UEFA competitions in the US. The Bundesliga is the first European league to use the advantages of the AI-based technology. They might see an increase in engagement in markets around the globe. And generating awareness for the Bundesliga, with its claim: “Football how its’ meant to be“, has to one of the main goals for a Social Media-perceived world and sports business. AI might bring the international fans the highlight clips of players they want to see; but it takes real people’s decisions to make that possible. Getting the best out of such technology is a decision that should pay off in the future.

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